Example 1: Daily Travels

Here i have uploaded a picture of a welcome sign that me and a few of my friends built and designed. Every hear around halloween time for the past 7 years me and my friends have been having a backyard football tournament at my place. so this ear we built a sign to commemorate the official field and its name. I love the raw authentic look to it and how it has an eerie feel to it.

Example 2: Magazine

Here i have uploaded a picture from a recent issue of Sports Illustrated. it is a shot from the most recent NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Race. I am a huge fan of NASCAR and other motorsports. I found this image to be breathtaking, the thrill and the intensity of 40 plus full sized stock cars coming at you at speeds almost hitting 200 mph is something that this picture comes very close to capturing.

Example 3: Website

Here I found a copy of the new Los Angeles Kings primary jersey. the Kings have been playing in the National Hockey League for almost 50 years now, throughout that time their primary colors have varied between purple and gold to black and silver. this scheme was used back in the 90’s and a reference to the oakland Raiders and is known as the “Gretzky era” for when the Great One play for LA. Personally I love the throwback look and feel it should stay like this.