Example 1: Daily Travels

Well as you may be able to tell from my first image, I have a bit of a soft spot for the TV show The Simpsons. I believe that this show is one of the best things that this country has brought to the rest of the world in the past 20 years. The past 22 years to be exact. In celebration for my favorite show, I have created this jack o lantern for Halloween this year that features the outline of the show’s main protagonist, Mr. Homer J Simpson. Do’h.

Example 2: Magazine

Here i have uploaded a picture from the year I was born, 1990. The Simpsons cracked the cover of Rolling Stone magazine. An enormous honor, especially for a non musical group or artist. But honestly, the Simpsons are their own type of artists. The cover is 21 years old and shows the lasting and staying power that this amazing cartoon has created.

Example 3: Website

Here I have found the teaser poster to this year’s installment of the Simpsons “Treehouse of Horror” series. This was the 22 year of the series. What I like about this piece is that it shows a piece of artwork from each mini episode. Each installment is made up of 3 mini episodes that have no ties at all to the normal story line. Whch is a good thing seeing as most of the characters have been killed at least once in the Treehouse of Horror series.