Example 1: Daily Travels

Here I have uploaded a picture that I took myself from Ann Arbor Stadium at the University of Michigan, also known as The Big House. This stadium is the largest in the country and fits the most people of any other stadium. Numerous records have been set here and attendance continues to grow. The atmosphere here is simply breath taking and what really draws my attention is how perfect;y laid out this place is. With the combination of the simply bowl style shape and the symmetric block M, plus the best colors ever, maize in blue. This place is a true work of art.

Example 2: Magazine

Here I have posted a picture of University of Michigan legend Desmond Howard. Howard was a cornerback/wide receiver/kick returner. This picture was taken from his Heisman trophy  winning season. The current Michigan football players who wear number 21 must wear a patch on their shoulder that honors Howard. what gets me is the pure intensity and grace of this photo. I played the same positions as Desmond and can fully relate.

Example 3: Website

Here I have the official logo that was debuted last fall for the first ever ice hockey game at the Big House. The game pitted rivals Michigan and Michigan State off in an instant classic. Michigan won 5-0. I was in attendance that day and it was simply amazing. Almost as amazing as this logo, the bold concepts is perfect for grabbing your attention and the colors just flow. The Big House has a few other logos similar to this but this one is my favorite. Hail to the Victors!