Example 1: Daily Travels

Here I have uploaded a picture that may look familiar to you. This is an image of the elevator floor in the Old Main building at Wayne State University. The floor engraved with the famous logo for Wayne State. I personally found his to be very creative, showing a sense of pride in our school. Yet it is odd why the other elevator does not bare the same logo.

Example 2: Magazine

Here I have an image that I found from a Wayne State sports program. This image features 2 of the WSU football players and an amzing backdrop shot of the Detroit skyline. I feel that this image should appear in more things around campus and in the city. There is no better mascot name too for this University, “Warrior,” a term used to describe all the people of Detroit. Perfect description.

Example 3: Website

Here I have a much lesser known image that relates to WSU. It is the old logo for when the University’s mascot was the Wayne State Tartars. The name stood from the early 1920’s until 1999 when the college decided to change the name because many people were unsure exactly what a Tartar was. This logo can still be spotted in some places across campus, you just need to keep your eyes sharp.