Example 1: Daily Travels

Here I have an image of a project I actually designed myself. For my 3d design class, I created a foam replica of the Detroit Lions mascot. The Lion I created was carved out of a giant block of foam and shaped and painted to resemble the Detroit Lions primary logo of a leaping Lin. This one is actually being poured out of a bottle of Gatorade and transforming into a Lion. I’m pretty pleased with how this turned out

Example 2: Magazine

Here I took a picture out of a local magazine that shows the most recent updated version of the Lions script logo and primary logo. The Lions went 0-16 in the 2008 season, after that, the management felt it was time for a change. So with that there was a more fierce looking leaping Lion and more modern style script. And of course new uniforms, nothing like a little bit of marketing trickery. Detroit had just changed their uniforms back in 2003.

Example 3: Website

Here I have an image of my favorite style of the Detroit Lions logo. This logo was used back in the 1950’s and 60’s. It is modeled after the logo for the Ford Mustang muscle car, seeing as the Lions organization is owned by Ford Motor Company. This logo I believe needs to resurface more often. It was used at midfield for the Lions 75th anniversary  game back in 2008, the 0-16 season. Yet things are getting brighter for the Honolulu blue and silver.