Example 1: Daily Travels

Here is a picture of the Bellagio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. I picked this picture simply because of the beauty of this building. The time and effort it took to construct such a beast of a structure is truly amazing. It is a great example of the mountains that can be climbed when design is put to the test. Also, my favorite movie, “Oceans Eleven” was filmed here.

Example 2: Magazine

Here I have uploaded a photo of the cover of one of my favorite magazines, “Dirtwheels.” This is a magazine that is 100% based on All Terrain Vehicles and everything about them. I have been riding and racing ATVs for about 15 years now and I truly love it. I find the cover of this magazine to be very interesting every month or every time I get a new issue. The script fo the title always catches my eye and the machine that is choosen for the cover too.

Example 3: Website

For my website image, I selected the image that is actually the background of my personal laptop. It is a night time skyline photo of the city of Detroit. First off, I love this city and what it stands for and the people that are proud to call this place home. Through everything that has gone wrong lately, this city knows how to man up and get through. Thats true blue collar grit right there. Part of the reason why I chose to go to Wayne State. But anyways, I feel this is the most beautiful skyline in the world, better than L.A., better than New York. Hands down.


Example 1: Daily Travels

Here I have posted another image from my daily travels. Anyone would know that this is a shot of the interior of the massive Ford Field in downtown Detroit, Michigan. This picture was taken for one of the Lions’ preseason games this year. But what I’m focusing more on is the amazing structure for which this stadium is. The mammoth steal beams and trusses that cross the ceiling of the building are a true example of engineering genius.

Example 2: Magazine

I obtained this image from this morning issue of the detroit fREE press. It is a picture of the Detroit Tigers right handed relief pitcher Jose Valverde. The image is from game 2 of the 2011 ALDS. What I love the most about this image  the intensity that Valverde shows in his expression and how the camera was able to pick up all the rain that was pouring down on the field that night. Especially with goggles on too! But I enjoy this picture so much that I’m probably gong to save it for myself.

Example 3: Web Site

I found this image online from a link off of the Detroit Red Wings official website. It is an image of the goalie mask that Red Wings goaltender Jimmy Howard will wear fro the upcoming 2011-12 season. The design is very similar to the one that Howard wore the previous season but the back portion of the mask is slightly altered. It honors the memory of 3 of Howard’s friends who were killed in a recent plane crash in Russia, killing the entire Locomotive hockey team. From left to right is former teammate Ruslan Salei, former coach Brad Mcrimmon, and former teammate Stephan Liv. The classy move by Howard is one that should not go unnoticed.

Example 1: Daily Travels

Here I have posted a picture of the “Green Garage.” Located at 4444 2nd Avenue in Midtown Detroit. The Green Garage is a former Model-T show room that was once owned by Henry Ford himself. The building served as a home to a few other businesses before it was borded up during the riots of the late 1960’s. Now work is almost complete there in making it a 100% green energy friendly for upcoming new green technology companies. The Garage will serve as offices for those companies. I know all this becasue the company I work for has been imnstalling all of the electrical in the building. Worth a visit when you get the chance, free tours everyday.

Example 2: Magazine

Here I have posted a picture of the cover of last weeks issue of Sports Illustrated. On the cover, for the 2nd time in his career, his Detroit Tigers ace picture and potential Cy Young MVP winner, Justin Verlander. I believe that this shot of Justin realy captures the athletisicm that goes into every single pitch, and on an average, Verlander will do this 120+ times in every game! With his career high 24 wins this season, Verlander has the local boys marching into the playoffs for only the 13th time in team history. I love the layout of the cover and what it truly stands for.

Example 3: Website

Here I came across the logo for the Google homepage today. It is in celebration of Google’s 13th birthday. It realy is hard to believe that the world famous serch engine had been around for 13 years! Google changes it’s homepage logo just about every other day and I realy enjoy this. I find it interesting the creativity that people show there and how they can find something signifcant about everyday of the year. This one is some type of still life claymation shot. Well done.

Example 1: Daily Travels

This is a picture that I recently took at a September 19th Foo Fighters concert at the Palace of Auburn Hills. Now I don’t even really care for this particular band but I thought that the stage they performed on was brilliant. This picture does not justify it, ut the images that this stage was able to produce were breathe taking. A visual ade like this really does change the feel of the show.

Example 2: Magazine

Here is a picture I took from a local Detroit area newspaper. It is a picture of the then vacant Tiger Stadium. Of course the stadium at Michigan Avenue and Trumbel no longer stands but I feel that this picture really makes you believe in “the baseball gods.” The sheer majesty and the signs of the ghost of baseball past are clearly visible in this shot. I feel that this is simply magnificant and it truly breaks my heart that this old house no longer lives.

Exaple 3: Website

This here is a picture of the design used for the official Clubhouse MLB Detroit Tigers 2011 American League Central Divison Champions shirt. This design really caught my eye simply with just how unique and sharp the script is for this logo. I feel that it covers the space up perfectly in an abstract way. With no real sign of symmetry, this logo just works. Plus each team to win a divison has a specialized design of their home ball park at the top of the logo. Very nice touch.


Example 1: (Daily Travels)

this here is a picture I took of the massive scoreboard that stands in left field at Detroit’s very own Comerica Park. I am just blown away at the sheer mass and size of this structure. For several years it stood as the tallest scoreboard in Major League Baseball. If I were to design one I doubt it would be any different.

Example 2: (Magazine)

I scanned this image out this week’s issue of Sports Illustrated. It is a shot from September 11th, 2011 at Fenway Park in Boston. The immense show of Patriotism truly brings a tear to your eye. Not onlydid I choose tis image simply becasue of baseball, but how everyone there is able to put baseball aside and realize that they are all there for a much larger reason.
Example 3: (Website)

this is the design for the brand new logo and script for the Winnipeg Jets, a professional ice hockey team that plays in the NHL. This new design stuck out to me because first off I am a huge fan of hockey, but also because it is an updated and modernized version of the logo the team used to have back when they moved to Phoenix in 1996. I am really interested in how graphic design artists retool and shape an old logo to make it more fitting for today, something that I hope to be a part of in the future. http://www.nhl.com/ice/news.htm?id=569909

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